Sunday, October 23, 2016


Amanda Sharp's debut feature is a quiet but powerful relationship drama between an emotionally damaged aspiring dancer (Rose Leslie) and her rogueish dying father (Ray Liotta).  Liotta is superb as the father - a jazz fiend, good-time guy with scant regard for actual conventional parenting.  He manages to make an unsympathetic character nuanced and if not entirely understandable then at least authentic.  Rose Leslie is less impressive in a role that is somewhat cliched - the damaged girl with crazy hair and too much jewelry who has weird sex and scorns the nice guy (Justin Bartha) who actually wants to be her girlfriend.  I'm also not sure the film really needed the third act twist.  More positively, I really liked the cinematography and score, and will be keen to see what Amanda Sharp does next.

THE LAST DANCE aka STICKY NOTES has a running time of 90 minutes and is available on streaming services. 

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